"احتمال روحي تنفجر في أي دقيقة الآن"

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Homes by (Martina♡Mariotti)

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever.”1984 by George Orwell


Three years ago, October 2011, this teen, Abdulrahman Anwar Alawlaki, was murdered by the US government.
He was murdered two weeks after his father, whose name was on a list of people the US CIA were “authorized” to kill because of “terrorist activities”.
It was claimed that the kid’s death was a “mistake”, and that Obama was “surprised” and “upset”. This particular statement makes me nauseous.

Despite all these lies, it is disgustingly obvious that we live in a world where teenagers are being killed only for fear of what they might become when they grow up. He was just a typical 16-year old student who liked swimming and was into rap and hip hop. This is sick. Kids are being killed every day for disgusting reasons.

AND, WHAT A SURPRISE, Abdulrahman got absolutely no media attention.


قطعة من الأوبال وكأنها مشهد مصغر لجزء من المحيط.
"لاشيء يدعو للحياة هنا،
الليل يقف بكامل ثقله وعتمتهِ على صدري،
المدى واسع وكل شيءٍ هادئ
ومنسِّي هنا. حتى أنا."

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"ياخير الغافرين يا خير الرازقين يا خير المحسنين
اجعل امري كله خيراً"

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Wilhelm Sasnal